Transaction Processing ▸ DC Payments™

Transaction Processing

DC Payments offers clients a highly sophisticated and integrated transaction processing solution. Our system enables financial institutions to access secure, world-class technology – without being burdened with the costs of implementing and maintaining a system internally.

Premier platform
We own and manage the EMV Compliant Postilion Switch – a premier platform offering functionality, scalability and reliability. This robust environment is highly customizable, a critical factor in today’s transaction processing industry.

Network gateway access
With our transaction processing, financial institutions can easily access major transaction networks including:

  • Interac®
  • Cirrus®
  • PLUS
  • American Express®
  • Accel®



We also provide you with access to a suite of reports, including end-of-day reports that are designed to address a variety of reporting and settlement needs.

Fraud Solutions

Protect your organization against fraud with state-of-the-art, user-friendly solutions without costly investment in infrastructure – click here.


At DC Payments we pride ourselves on a tremendous record of switching system uptime performance. We are the only service bureau transaction processor in Canada to operate our switches in Active/Active mode. This means we operate two independent data centres, both of which actively process transactions. In addition to providing a seamless realtime recovery, if there is a fault in one of our switches, Active/Active also allows us to bring one switch down for maintenance while the other operates at full capacity. It all results in virtually no planned or unplanned downtime, so your cardholders are never without a payment service.