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ATM Solutions

Managed Services
DC Payments can manage all or part of your financial institution's ever-changing self-service delivery channel for ATMs and branch automation devices, including vendor management to an established Service Level Agreement. We know our clients are looking for exceptional network performance that will allow them to optimize costs and enhance the customer experience – and we deliver.

The challenge
Operating the ATM Channel can be a challenge for a financial institution. With increasing regulatory changes, software upgrades, and new technologies, the ATM channel can consume valuable time and resources. However, the need for a high-functioning, highly available ATM is critical to customer retention and satisfaction.

Why outsource?
By outsourcing ATM management to us, you free up the time and resources needed to focus on your primary business.

DC Payments can help you with full or partial ATM management. Our services can be customized to include:

  • ATM ownership options
  • Vendor management
  • Device monitoring
  • Incident management & helpdesk
  • ATM installation
  • ATM maintenance (First & Second Line Maintenance)
  • Cash loading
  • Armoured car services
  • Cash management & forecasting
  • Project management

Foreign Currency ATM Solution
Managing foreign currency is an administrative burden for financial institutions and obtaining it is often a last minute chore for travelers, resulting in stress and frustration. DC Payments has developed a fully-managed foreign currency ATM solution which offers cardholders on-demand access to multiple currencies at competitive rates while alleviating the operational burden for financial institutions. Our solution is industry compliant, requires no up-front capital expenditure or cumbersome operational support from our clients and works independently of any existing ATMs. By adding a multi-currency ATM to existing in-branch ATMs, financial institutions can offer customers a valuable service and further differentiate their own branch solutions.

THE EXCHANGE® ATM Partner Program
DC Payments and THE EXCHANGE® ATM network are offering THE EXCHANGE® ATM Partner Program which allows members of THE EXCHANGE® network to place ATMs in off-premise locations without the associated capital expenditure, operating expenses and administrative overhead. THE EXCHANGE® ATM Partner Program can increase the size and reach of the network by building a more accessible off-premise national surcharge-free network for THE EXCHANGE® member cardholders. Additionally, this unique program allows institutions to increase their brand presence in off-premise locations, perhaps in their community, at a fraction of the cost typically associated with off-premise ATM deployment.

Dynamic Currency Conversion
Dynamic Currency Conversion allows financial institutions offering ATM services to manage the foreign exchange rates made available to the cardholders from overseas. This very popular feature generates new revenues and creates a new attractive service in your ATM fleet.

Remote Key Load (RKL)
Remote Key Loading allows cryptographic ATM keys to be loaded securely from the DC Payments switch without any requirement for field services. This reduces downtime, dramatically improves security and lessens field support costs.

ATM Products
DC Payments is a reseller and distributor of NCR and Wincor ATMs and offers managed solutions to meet your self-service channel needs.



Branch Automation Solutions
DC Payments can meet all of your branch automation needs, including the provision of cash teller dispensers, recyclers and interactive branch and teller devices.