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Web Reporting: Make It Easy to Track Finances

May 02, 2016

Remember the old days when people used to go into the bank when they needed money, paid for things using cash, and balanced their chequebooks right after paying for their purchases? It was a manual, tedious way of managing finances.

Times have changed. People now expect instant access to their funds and financial information, are using cash less often, and some are even trying to give their credit cards less of a workout. These combined factors are making prepaid cards increasingly attractive options. DC Payments offers two solutions: an award-winning tap-and-pay prepaid card in the form of a wristband — DC TAG — and a line of prepaid cards.

Consumers still want to know where their balances stand — and they want that information at their fingertips.

DC Payments maintains all that information in an easily accessible format so you can more easily manage your spending and stay on budget.

• For users of DC prepaid cards, including Visa, debit, and phone cards, customers can track funds loaded and withdrawn. Plus, users can load and reload their cards at most Canadian Post Offices.

• DC TAG holders are able to access their own accounts to make changes to their addresses and banking information, as these devices are self-serve and loadable from the DC TAG holders’ bank accounts.

DC Payments clients can access this information via our website, while customers using partner branded prepaid cards, such as H&R Block, should consult the partner’s website.

All transactions are reliably and accurately recorded on customers’ statements. If there’s an issue such as a payment dispute, customers can contact the Call Centre or fill out a charge-back form.

The great thing about Web reporting is the way it enables customers to keep track of available funds and to confirm that all purchases are correct.

For DC TAG and DC Payments prepaid debit and Visa card users, that’s clearly not a problem

For more information about accessing statements online, contact your DC Payments representative by email or by phone at 1 888 414 3733.

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