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Fast, Convenient – Foreign Currency ATMs

January 08, 2016

Customers expect to find a single-currency ATM virtually anywhere they shop, eat, or travel; merchants and businesses that also offer a Foreign Currency ATM provide a level of service and convenience that sets them apart. With DC Payments’ Foreign Currency ATMs, it couldn’t be easier to offer your customers multiple currency options from one machine.

“Often, obtaining foreign currency can be a last-minute chore for travellers that can cause stress and delays,” DC Payments’ Director of Client Services and Sales Support Murray Clark says. “Clients who deploy our Foreign Currency ATMs provide a stress-free foreign currency solution that’s convenient, fast, and affordable.”

Premier-level service

Clark says DC Payments has offered Foreign Currency ATMs to their clients for nearly a decade and the turnkey solution is as convenient to install as it is to use.

“Our clients incur no additional operational burden or up-front capital expenditures with these machines,” he says. “This is a fully managed solution, meaning we provide and install the ATM and communications circuits. We also manage cash provision and replenishment, manage foreign exchange rates, monitor the ATM, handle equipment maintenance, and provide 24/7, bilingual client-services support.”

Counting currency

Each ATM includes four cash cassettes that can dispense up to four foreign currencies, such as:

• Mexican pesos

• U.S. dollars

• Pounds sterling

• Euros

Clients with different needs can request machines configured to dispense more of one type of currency (e.g., two cassettes for U.S. dollars, one for pesos, and one for pounds sterling). DC Payments can offer additional currencies upon request.

“We work with clients to assess the demand and make sure the ATM is placed at an appropriate site,” says Clark.

He adds that Foreign Currency ATMs are particularly well-suited for financial institutions, airports, hotels, travel points, and large retail centres — any entity that has a need to offer a quick and convenient means of access to foreign currency.

Grow traffic, decrease risk

For financial institutions offering the service to their clients, these ATMs can reduce strain on financial institutions that provide foreign-currency services in-branch, while eliminating the risk associated with foreign-currency exposure because DC Payments manages the cash. Airports, hotels, and other travel points that deploy the machines provide a value-added service to outbound travellers. Foreign Currency ATMs can help both retail and corporate clients distinguish themselves from competitors, draw more traffic, and build customer loyalty.

“The DC Foreign Currency Solution has the potential to generate a new and recurring revenue stream for clients because it gives cardholders instant access to multiple currencies at competitive rates,” says Clark. “We work with our clients to make the most of this opportunity. We offer flexible ATM branding options, and clients can co-brand with DC Payments.”

DC Payments’ Foreign Currency ATMs are already working well for a wide variety of institutions across Canada. If you think your customers would appreciate convenient access to foreign currencies, please contact us to learn more. You can reach us toll-free at 1.888.414.3733 or by email.

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