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G&F Financial Group Case Study

Business Challenge

In 2011, G&F Financial Group responded to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the City of Burnaby for the provision of ATMs in three city locations. The objective of the ATM placements was to provide increased customer service in three high-traffic locations in Burnaby, British Columbia.

As a member of THE EXCHANGE® ATM network, G&F approached FICANEX Services Limited Partnership (FICANEX) and DC Payments Inc. about the ATM Partner Program, a joint initiative between the two organizations. This program allowed G&F to submit a compelling and competitive RFP response.

The Solution

The ATM Partner Program, developed by DC Payments, specifically for Members of THE EXCHANGE® network, is intended to increase the size and reach of the network by building a more accessible, off-premise, national surcharge-free network for Members’ cardholders. The program provides an opportunity for Members to place ATMs in off-premise locations without the associated capital expenditure, operating expenses and administrative overhead. It also provided participating financial institutions the opportunity to increase their own brand presence and awareness by having ATMs outside of their own branches, without the cost of maintaining or managing the ATMs. DC Payments handles all the operational aspects of the program.

The program proposed to the City of Burnaby assisted G&F in winning the opportunity over several other responses submitted. G&F’s proposal was selected over a number of providers as it charged the lowest fee per user.

The ATM Partner Program is available to all Members of THE EXCHANGE® network, regardless of their transaction processing provider.


G&F has seen the benefits of the program since its launch earlier this year. The solution presented by G&F allowed these locations to offer better access to banking services and, at the same time, has increased G&F’s profile in the community. According to G&F’s South Burnaby Branch Manager Gill Sherwood, “our partnership allows us to increase our footprint in the community and enhance convenience for city employees, citizens, and visitors alike.”

The program has provided an opportunity to branch out into the community without the burden of operational and administrative overhead.

About DC Payments

DirectCash Payments Inc. (DC Payments) operates in Canada the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico and is the leading provider of ATMs, debit terminals, prepaid phone cards and prepaid cash cards in Canada. DC Payments also provides payments processing and ATM managed services to financial institutions and major retailers coast-to-coast. With over 8,000 ATMs in Canada and more than 20,000 worldwide, DirectCash Payments has grown to become the second largest ATM operator in the world.