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Hudsons Canadian Tap House Case Study

Business Challenge

Hudsons Canadian Tap House (Hudsons) operates several pubs in Western Canada, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Initially, Hudsons was only able to offer patrons the option of paying by cash or credit card and needed to find a solution to provide patrons with quick and convenient access to their funds.

The Solution

To give Hudsons patrons more flexibility in payments options, DC Payments installed ATMs in each of their locations providing customers, and the local community, with convenient and reliable access to their funds.

DC Payments has an internal team of ATM service technicians based across the country and offered an aggressive service turnaround window unmatched by other providers. This was critically important to Hudsons. “Our patrons are the core of our business and providing them, and the greater community, with onsite ATM access is an important value-add,” notes Tracy Rohl, Hudsons Director of Finance. “The service timetable was an important component of the contract, as having a unit down for any length of time inconveniences our patrons and affects our bottom line.”


DC Payments values the input its clients provide and took on the challenge of creating a new ATM service allowing Hudsons the flexibility to set their ATM surcharge fees on the fly. This program offers Hudsons the flexibility to adjust fees on each individual ATM, depending upon specific business requirements. DC Payments worked closely with Hudsons throughout the development and deployment phases to bring the best possible program to market to benefit all of its clients.

About DC Payments

DirectCash Payments Inc. (DC Payments) operates in Canada the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico and is the leading provider of ATMs, debit terminals, prepaid phone cards and prepaid cash cards in Canada. DC Payments also provides payments processing and ATM managed services to financial institutions and major retailers coast-to-coast. With over 8,000 ATMs in Canada and more than 20,000 worldwide, DirectCash Payments has grown to become the second largest ATM operator in the world.